Master Level Training In the 8 Most Proven and
Practical Innovation Best Practices

  • Achieve Dramatically Better Innovation Results in 90 Days or Less
  • Consistently Double Your Innovation Success Rate
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  • Successfully Enter Adjacent Categories and Create New Categories/Types of Products
  • Revitalize Existing Businesses for Rapid Sales and Profit Growth

Delivery of These Benefits With the 8 Most Proven Innovation Best Practices: Extensively and Consistently Proven

  • Multiple research studies
  • Real world results

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  • 3+ Hours of On Demand Training Innovation Best Practices Videos
  • VIDEO #1: Idea Exploration Tools with 40+ Options to Create Multiple Highly Meaningful Benefits—10 Types of Innovation, 30 Dimensions of Value, Blue Ocean Strategy
  • VIDEO #2: Create 12-20X More ideas Than Brainstorming with Quantum Idea Generation 2.0 Master Training PLUS How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IBM Analytics for Deep Insights
  • VIDEO #3: Use Accurate Quantitative Research with Merwyn Technology to Determine Which Ideas Have the Highest Chances for Success and Year One Sales

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