Swiffer Case Study


Problem: Procter & Gamble wanted to explore major new growth opportunities in their cleaning products business. They had optimized existing categories and needed new business categories.

The Innovate2Grow Experts Process:

Thinking Bigger:  This was a big picture exploratory working for multiple potential new categories. Success required looking at existing cleaning tasks in a new and very different way. Kari McNamara was the perfect person to lead this effort with the Procter & Gamble team.

Quantum Idea Generation 2.0:  Kari McNamara led the creative session with a highly diverse team. They used powerful stimulus that produced new consumer insights that immediately suggested new cleaning solutions.


Objective Met:  Multiple new category opportunities were identified from this high-powered effort. The most notable of these turned into what is now a $1 billion product platform for Procter & Gamble – Swiffer.