Stop Talking. Choose the 
Best and Move Forward….Now!

SITUATION: “Many people believe in the idea but we just cannot find a way to get research to confirm that we have the big idea we think we have. This lack of supporting research makes it difficult to move the idea forward to the marketplace.”
OUR PROMISE: In 60 days or less, you will definitively know if research supports your current idea. In addition to optimizing the current idea, we will develop and test via quantitative research variations of the idea, some of which will probably be bigger than the current idea.

Deep Dive by our experts into all you know….fresh, deeply experienced eyes always see new, major insights.
Ideas Optimized and Researched: a quick optimization of your best ideas today. We move through several iterations using Rapid Research. We have worked on more idea development projects than any other company and use trusted proprietary research methods.

Concepts Finalized with Final Research: Possible use of additional external experts. Research provides year one revenue estimate and ideas chances for long term success.

Recommendations: Capabilities needed and sources, strategic fit, and possible need for business model innovation.
OUR PRICE: $130,000-$145,000 Cost can be higher or lower depending on scope and complexity. Whenever external experts are required, their cost is difficult to accurately predict until you know what’s needed and some experts can be very costly.