Merwyn Readiness Quiz


Please answer the following questions as accurately and conservatively as possible.  There is a normal inclination to allow your passion to skew your thinking imposing a high level of enthusiasm and opinion of your idea. All of that is good but it needs to be suspended to allow for a candid and objective evaluation like this.


Status of Your Innovation/Invention/Product


How frequent is the problem that your invention is trying to solve?


For people who experience the problem, how much of a problem is the problem you are solving?


Your invention provides a solution or benefit to help people who have a problem or need. How specifically can you describe the benefit that you deliver?


Most products deliver more than one benefit (like faster cleaning, easy to use a spray bottle, fresh clean scent). For most people, there is one major benefit and then supplementary benefits. What is the best description of the benefit your product delivers?


When people hear that a product can deliver a specific benefit, they almost always need information that will help them believe the product can do what you say it can do. Which of the following answers describes best the reason to believe you can communicate to potential buyers?


One of the important considerations people have when buying a new product is how "new and different" it is compared to their current product and other options. Which of the following best describes the degree of "new and different" for your product.


Your product probably has a benefit advantage versus other products. How much of an advantage are you offering?


How will customers perceive the price that you are selling your product for?


How will customers perceive the VALUE of your product – VALUE it is a combination of the price people are asked to pay for the benefit they receive?


How much and what quality of data have you already developed for your product?

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