Quantum Idea Generation

Quantum Idea Generation 2.0: The Most Proven Process for Creating Ideas Capable Of Doubling Your Innovation Success

Quantum Idea Generation 2.0

Version 1.0 was originally developed by Doug Hall at Eureka Ranch.   In two Oklahoma State University research studies is consistently generated at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming. The vast majority of the increase in ideas were exceptionally high-quality ideas that were not generated by brainstorming.

Version 2.0 was developed by Richard Haasnoot and the Innovate2Grow Experts team. It made major improvements in each of the elements that drive Quantum Idea Generation’s success. We estimated generates 20 X more ideas than brainstorming with a very high percentage of the ideas being breakthrough, disruptive innovation ideas.

The Four Elements Powering Quantum Idea Generation 2.0

  • Diversity: into a creative session, we bring a highly diverse and talented group of experts from within the client company. These people are passionate about solving the need for optimizing the opportunity. In addition, we find and vet world-class external experts with relevant expertise that does not duplicate the internal expertise.
  • Stimulus: five types of powerful stimulus are developed for every innovation project with the right kind of stimulus being used one or more times in each creative exercise.
  • Left Brain/Right Brain: in each creative group we determine the percentage of left/right brain people in the group. We then designed specific creative exercises based on this information. Left and right brain people are equally creative but they develop their best ideas in very different ways.
  • No Fear/Only Fun: we work very hard to create an environment of fun and positive energy so that those high potential “wild and wacky” ideas can be freely shared by everyone.