PT Cruiser

Chrysler was in a tailspin…sales were sputtering, their technology tank was dry, and car drivers had lost their passion.  Chrysler needed a new road, and fast.

Our experts were happy to create a new path to drive their growth.  We gathered with their technical experts, future-seers, and top designers to create a new vehicle superhighway.

We created plenty of ideas, but we didn’t feel like we had found the big one…you know, that idea that jacks up the energy in the room.  So, we decided it was time for the big guns – a guided meditation.  That’s right, a meditation with a room full of techies.  It was either brilliant, or the end of our careers.

Turned out to be brilliant.  This single investment produced the PT Cruiser, the Magnum, and the Pacifica (the first cross between an old-style station wagon and an SUV).  Additional cars and features created during this session are still in the development and prototype stage.