Personal Creativity

Becoming More Personally Creative: Major Improvement in Innovation Success Rate.

Personal Creativity–Discover and Then Learn The Seven Personal Creative Skills Consistently Used by The World’s Most Creative People.

  1. We frequently conduct one day personal creativity training in small groups – about 10 – 20 people. 
  2. We focus on understanding your environment and needs. With this understanding, we tailor the training in a way that makes creative skill building real and relevant.

Personal Creativity Benefits People in Many Ways and Many Parts of a Business

It is a myth that people are either born creative or not creative. Everyone has the opportunity to be equally creative. Creativity is a learned skill. How to be more personally creative is well known and practical. We make becoming more personally creative easy and relevant to your world.

You will be surprised how frequently you can use your personal creativity skills. Any time you face a problem, you will be able to develop more innovative solutions. Anytime you face an opportunity, you will invent solutions that optimize the opportunity. Greater personal creativity pays big dividends in every part of the business – research and development, finance, marketing, sales, supply chain, and many more.

In the Innovation Best Practices podcast, there are many episodes focused on personal creativity