Richard Haasnoot shares the i2Ge Nestle story:


Problem: Make a major food product much more convenient to prepare and cook.


The Innovate2Grow Experts Process:

Quantum Idea Generation 2.0: Brought world-class external experts from Cornell, Penn State, and Ohio State into the creative session. They worked collaboratively with the company’s best internal experts and the Innovate2Grow Experts team.


Objective Met:  Developed multiple solutions by noon the first day. Significantly exceeded client needs and expectations during the balance of the creative session. Identified three highly viable solutions.

Execution:  All the research experts shared current, cutting-edge research that was not known to the broader world at the time, but was to be published soon.

Client’s Results Summary:  What two previous well-known innovation consulting companies could not solve, was solved by Innovate2Grow Experts in just half a day.