Need A Strong
 Competitive Response NOW!

SITUATION: “A competitor has announced a major initiative that we believe could be a serious threat to our business. We have some ideas but we are having challenges getting them to market as quickly as we need to. To blunt their efforts, we need to be in the market about twice as fast as it normally takes us.”

OUR PROMISE: In 60 days or less, you will have a portfolio of major competitive response product ideas ranging from ones that you can execute in the next 6–12 months to ones that can be executed in the next 12–24 months. All of the major ideas will be supported with quantitative research reporting the year one revenue estimate and the chances of long-term success for each idea. i2Ge’s provides an $100,000 unconditional guarantee of results.


Deep Dive by our experts into all you know….fresh, deeply experienced eyes always see new, major insights.

Identify the internal and external experts for a 2–3 day creative session utilizing i2Ge’s unique, dynamic inventing process that produces 12X more ideas and brainstorming.

Concepts Finalized with Final Research: Research provides year one revenue estimate and ideas chances for long term success.

Recommendations: Capabilities needed and sources plus strategic fit.

OUR PRICE: $240,000-$275,000 Cost can be higher or lower depending on scope and complexity. Whenever external experts are required, their cost is difficult to accurately predict until you know what’s needed and some experts can be very costly.

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