You’re on your way!

Thank you for taking the free preliminary quiz to help define your WOWfactor, powered by Merwyn Truth Teller (MTT). We offer this quiz to qualify you for MTT quantitative research to help you avoid making a poor investment at this critical go/no-go stage and move forward with confidence. The majority of our respondents are not ready for the next step based on their results but with some work can get there! At this time your score indicates that there is some additional preliminary work to be done to invest wisely in your innovation. 

Getting to WOW!

Most innovators underestimate how challenging it is to create solutions that are meaningful enough to get users to make a switch from their current solution. It requires enough HIGHLY MEANINGFUL BENEFITS that add up to being DRAMATICALLY BETTER than all the competition. To receive the highest MTT scores with the most probability for success, you must demonstrate you have achieved that. We only recommend MTT quantitative research when you’re innovation is significantly better than your competition.


What Is Measured


It is necessary to have important data inputs. For example:

  • The number of people in the United States who use a product/service like yours
  • Independent customer insights that prove your potential customers see that your solution delivers unique and highly valuable benefits. 

When these conditions exist, MTT is a great investment in reliable research that will help move your innovation to the next level.


When we combine your input answers with a professionally drafted Marketing Message your score is optimized for the most accurate results. 

How Persuasive Your Marketing message is Compared to All Tested Ideas

While most respondents are not ready, that does not necessarily imply the innovation will fail. It simply suggests that you may either need more preliminary research for the inputs and/or that you need to reconsider the value of the benefits your innovation delivers, business model or pricing to improve your odds for success. Of course, you can invest in your WOWfactor Report now but based on this preliminary quiz it is our recommendation you make some improvements first and return with those improvements in mind.

When your score results demonstrate you have met the criteria for a high enough potential for success, you can confidently invest in your WOWfactor report. This will be a powerful tool for developing your business model, communicating with potential investors and give you the peace of mind you're moving forward wisely with your business. You will know your chances for long-term success and have a statistically accurate year one sales estimate.

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact us HERE.