Richard Haasnoot shares the i2Ge Kimberly-Clark story:

Problem: How to create an new and expansive product line leveraging existing technological capabilities to serve the target audience of people over the age of 50.

The Innovate2Grow Experts Process:

Quantum Idea Generation 2.0:  Facilitated and lead the collaboration between internal and external experts, including recruiting world-class medical experts like Dr. Bill Thomas, Harvard Medical School and AARP.

Merwyn Technology: Completed 40 Merwyn quantitative research reports that evaluated each idea’s chances for success and provide important diagnostics for each idea.


Objective Met: Forty Merwyn tested ideas with 50%-100% above average chances for success.

Execution: With successfully tested product concepts, the client organized to develop and market its new of high potential ideas.

Client’s Results Summary: “BRILLIANT!”