Integrative Innovation

Innovation Without Inventions

Many times we think WOW! Innovation ideas require inventions, major capital investments, and long lead times.

I think we all agree that the iPod  was a WOW! product.
ALL of the critical elements of the first iPod were OFF THE SHELF components.

  • Toshiba 1.8” hard drive
  • Texas Instruments chip
  • Sony battery
  • Licensed software

How i2Ge Can Help You With Integrative Innovation

i2Ge’s Integrative Innovation Process

When we think an option to delivering your innovation need might be an Integrative Innovation solution we do the following:

  • Determine the capabilities needed in a solution and where they might come from
  • Conduct a global review on partial solutions to your need.
  • Conduct a technology/IP review: collect all relevant potential solutions.
  • Design a major part of a creative session to play with mixing/matching/assembling various parts to create a solution…..sort of playing with possible building blocks to create a powerful solution.

When this is the best solution, you benefit by:

  • Getting to market much faster
  • Dramatically reducing your capital costs
  • Much lower overall development costs