Innovation Process

In 60 Days i2Ge’s Process Delivers To You A Portfolio Of Big, Innovative Ideas Capable Of Generating Growth Over The Next 3-5 Years

Learn & Recruit

  • Deep research dive. Recruit experts.
  • Deep Dive: Our experts review all existing insights, research, and marketplace data.  We develop new insights from a fresh perspective.  New insights help define innovation objectives and needs.
  • Recruit: We agree on the desired types of external experts capable of making a big difference.  i2Ge find, vets, and recruits best in field expertise to participate in the creative sessions.
  • Prepare:  All participants complete an in-depth online assessment.  The results are used to create highly compatible creative groups of 4 people.
  • 20 Days


  • 2-4 Day creative session with your i2Ge experts.
  • Inventing Session: Invent 50+ ideas, use judgment to narrow to 15-20 prime ideas
  • A COLLABORATIVE effort with Silk, i2Ge, and external experts for 2-3 days.
  • Develop and Test: Optimize concepts, preliminary year 1 volume, concept research
  • Advanced Consumer Learning: Deeper learning on biggest 6-10 ideas
  • 15 Days


  • Develop refined concepts. Conduct quantitative research.
  • Concept Development: Selected best ideas from the creative session are fully developed by our team that has more experience writing concepts than any other company of any kind. We collaboratively refine and agree on the concepts that are tested.
  • Research: The ideas are tested using the Merwyn Business Simulation, a research tool used by many Fortune 500 companies. Its results correlate with BASES results.
  • 15 Days


  • Year 1 estimates for all major ideas including a sensitivity analysis plus concept diagnostics.
  • Research Results: Full Merwyn Business Simulation reports are shared for all tested ideas. Year one revenue complete with a sensitivity analysis (varies by marketing support, distribution and awareness achieved).
  • Concept Diagnostics: The strength of each idea’s benefits, reason to believe, and difference versus competition is reported..
  • Recommendations: i2Ge’s experts suggest appropriate strategies and going to market development plans that increase your chances of success.
  • 10 Days


i2Ge is the ONLY innovation company that delivers a portfolio of very big ideas supported with quantitative research…this is an overview of the 60 days (exact timing per segment varies based on the unique needs of every project).