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The author of the book is the founder of Trend Hunters–the leading company of its kind. He now adds to that some very practical and easy to use innovation help

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Proven, Practical, Profitable Innovation FREE podcasts provide innovation best practices that major national and international companies have paid $250K-$1.4M to access and use.

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Here is how this innovation best practices podcast will help you.

  • Produce 12-20X more high quality ideas to solve any need or optimize any opportunity.  This works in any business, at any time, and in any situation.  Learn from the innovation podcast.
  • Learn from the innovation podcast how to at least double the chances for long-term success for any new or existing product or service. Again, this works in any business, at any time, and in any situation.
  • Create dramatically more persuasive communication that works in any business, at any time, and in any situation.
  • Be innovative utilizing absolute best practices in any part of your business – sales, marketing, supply chain, production, human relations, and even finance (but not too much!).
  • Learn in the innovation podcast from innovation all-stars – people who have tremendous real world innovation success.
  • Utilize innovation podcast toolkits with proven processes and capabilities that work in any business, at any time, and in any situation.
  • Gain high quality insights from the innovation success of others through real-world case studies – often presented by people who had a front row seat to the innovation success.  The innovation podcast provides a wide range of innovation best practices.
  • The innovation podcast is a one stop resource for all of the late breaking news around innovation and creativity.
  • Create an innovative company culture that transforms innovation from a special, infrequent experience into an every day event.

The subjects covered in the innovation podcast include 1) innovation fundamentals, 2) innovation process toolkits, 3) real-world case studies, 4) interviews with innovation leaders, and 5) late breaking innovation news. Richard has spent most of his career in and around innovation – senior leader at Procter & Gamble and Gallo, professor at Arizona State University, author of six books, and a very successful entrepreneur in the innovation and creativity business.

The Innovation Best Practices podcast is an innovation podcast and much more. It is also a business podcast that addresses the needs and opportunities facing just about every business. As a business podcast and as an innovation podcast, I select the proven and practical information I believe can help any business with virtually any innovation need in the company’s effort to sell more and make more.