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Only Innovation Consultancy Helping to Double Your Innovation Success Rate

We Are the Only Innovation Consultancy Using the Eight Most Proven, Practical Innovation Best Practices That Can Consistently Double Innovation Success Rates.Doubling your innovation success rate helps to ensure consistent revenue and profit growth often with innovations that are dramatically better than the competition. When you achieve this, you achieve the number one market share position, which has multiple long-term advantages.


FIRST…. We are the only innovation consultancy skillfully using the eight most proven, practical innovation best practices. These best practices consistently deliver innovative solutions that are dramatically better than the competition, which is exactly what you need to double your innovation success rate. These innovation best practices help in many ways. We explore multiple types of innovation to help create competitive advantages for you. We explore for different ways to add value to an innovation so that your customers will love your innovative product. All this work and more as up to delivering HIGHLY MEANINGFUL Benefits that are DRAMATICALLY BETTER your competition.

SECOND….We find, recruit and vet WORLD CLASS EXTERNAL EXPERTS with expertise that is relevant to the innovation need and powerfully supplements the company’s expertise…..we are the only innovation company with this capability. We bring into a creative session the right world-class expertise to collaborate and co-create with your own internal experts. We then use Quantum Idea Generation, one of the eight innovation best practices, to get a high quality and, more importantly, very high quality of ideas you need for innovation success.

SECOND….With more expertise in an inventing session than any other company, we use a process PROVEN to GENERATE 12X MORE AND BIGGER IDEAS than brainstorming.The benefits are not only more ideas, but, very importantly, much higher quality ideas also. Also discover the Innovation Best Practices podcast.