I Want Faster Innovation, More Success, a Full 
Innovation Pipeline, and Lower Innovation Cost

SITUATION: “I want it all in my innovation program. Compared to my current program I want: 1) to get to market faster, 2) to have much higher success rates with the products going to market, 3) I want a consistently full innovation pipeline that includes ideas to strengthen our core businesses, enter adjacent categories and develop some new the world ideas, and 4) I want to also get to market with significantly less cost been it currently takes.”

OUR PROMISE: In 60 days or less, you will of a deep understanding of today’s best innovation practices. Working collaboratively we will choose which ones are right for your business and culture and then tailor them to fit your unique needs and conditions.


Deep Dive by our experts into all you know….fresh, deeply experienced eyes always see new, major insights.

Conduct a 2–3 day working session to 1) learn about today’s best innovation practices, 2) select those that are most appropriate to your needs, and 3) tailor those practices your unique needs and conditions.

Where appropriate, develop a training program for skill and knowledge development with an appropriate business segments.

OUR PRICE: $70,000-$90,000 Cost can be higher or lower depending on scope and complexity. Whenever external experts are required, their cost is difficult to accurately predict until you know what’s needed in some experts can be very costly.

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