Got New Technology….Now
 We Need A Product

SITUATION: “Our R&D group has invested a few years and a lot of money in developing a new technology they are excited about. It is unclear to us how to best use it in products our customers would love. ”

OUR PROMISE: In 60 days or less, you will have a portfolio of product ideas and other possible revenue generating ideas for the technology. Each of these ideas will be supported with research providing a year 1 revenue estimate and the chances for long-term success.


Deep Dive by our experts into all you know….fresh, deeply experienced eyes always see new, major insights.

Identify and recruit appropriate external experts and with client and i2Ge experts conduct and inventing session to develop the portfolio of revenue generating ideas.

After the session optimize the ideas and conduct quantitative research.

Present the research results along with our recommendations regarding capabilities, strategic fit, and rapid prototype development (where appropriate).

OUR PRICE: $175,000-$195,000 Cost can be higher or lower depending on scope and complexity. Whenever external experts are required, their cost is difficult to accurately predict until you know what’s needed in some experts can be very costly.

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