Case Study Interview with i2Ge Team Lead Kari McNamara



Problem: Stagnant recent innovation and many new indirect competitors created a need for Gatorade to take their business to a higher level.  Senior managers believed there were minimal innovation opportunities.


The Innovate2Grow Experts Process:

Fresh Thinking Sees New Opportunities:  After a Deep Dive with the client’s team to uncover internal capabilities and known consumer insights, i2Ge team lead, Kari McNamara hit the road to understand how consumers were using the product. She saw new consumer opportunities and insights that had been around for years and helped the client to see how the same situations and facts in a new light could create a whole new line.


Objective Met:  The innovation process delivered the very successful G Series of products. Products 1, 2, and 3  were specifically designed for use during Practice, Game Day, and Recovery.

Insights:  i2Ge reinvigorated innovation by delivering a fresh perspective There are three distinct usage occasions for the use of Gatorade and each has a unique formulation to optimize its effectiveness in those usage occasions.