How Do We Make This Big Idea Happen?

SITUATION: “We have an idea that we think might be a big idea. The challenges we face are that we do not have the in-house capabilities for some critical elements of the idea. This makes it difficult to assess the financial viability of the idea. The result is a festering frustration.”

OUR PROMISE: In 60 days or less, you will have a detailed plan of viable options to engage the necessary capabilities to bring your big idea to life. The plan will be specific enough to provide financial perspective good enough to assess the financial liability the idea.


Deep Dive by our experts into all you know….fresh, deeply experienced eyes always see new, major insights.

Identify options for improving the idea that would actually make it a bigger idea while making it easier to access the required development capabilities. Support these options with research.

For the existing idea, conduct a global search of available capabilities. Utilize world-class external expertise to assist the search.

Recommendations: Capabilities options and priorities along with financial perspective for both the original idea and potential alternative ideas.

OUR PRICE: $125,000-$145,000 Cost can be higher or lower depending on scope and complexity. Whenever external experts are required, their cost is difficult to accurately predict until you know what’s needed in some experts can be very costly.

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