Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) For Decades Has Produced More New to the World, Breakthrough Innovations Than Any Other Enterprise in the World.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency uses their three success factors in all of their innovation work. Beyond question, their process has an on parallel track record of innovation successes that are clearly double plus the innovation success rate at other enterprises over the last several decades.

The three DARPA success factors we expertly use are:

  1. Ambitious Goals: we urge clients to set stretch goals in an effort to produce innovative products capable of twice the average innovation success rate while creating sustainable competitive advantages in a world where this is very difficult.
  2. Temporary Project Teams: we use this exact process when we work with the client. Very importantly, the vast majority of DARPA team members are external to the US government and the military. This underscores the great importance of external diversity in the creation process when you want to double your innovation success rate.
  3. Independence: innovation teams require freedom and independence if they are to explore the world of potential new kinds of products with double the chances of innovation success.

Importantly, at Innovate2Grow Experts we use all three of these success factors – and more – to help our clients create competitive advantages enabling them to double their renovation success rate. For example, we help clients create a bold, dynamic vision of innovation success which is very similar to DARPA's Ambitious Goals.  Setting your goals high is a proven way of achieving DRAMATICALLY BETTER INNOVATION RESULTS IN 90 DAYS.

The greatest similarity with Innovate2Grow Experts is that they rely very heavily on recruiting world-class external experts to be part of their project teams. In fact, these project teams are often made up of 90% of people outside of DARPA. In our creative sessions, we make very extensive use of world-class external experts who have capabilities relevant to a project's needs but that do not duplicate the clients internal expertise. These people working in a collaborative and co-creative way with the eight most proven innovation best practices deliver the innovative solutions that have twice the chances for long-term success of the average idea.