American Express

Interview With Team Lead Kari McNamara:



Problem: The portfolio of charge cards (Green, Gold, and Platinum) had become mature businesses. They needed a new product and thinking to reignite growth.



The Innovate2Grow Experts Process:

Thinking Bigger:  The i2ge Expert team challenged them to set expectations much higher than they would traditionally. In an effort to create solutions that were dramatically better than the competition – not just better.  Team lead, Kari McNamara asked the question; “What if we create a card that had an annual fee 10X higher than the other cards?”

Quantum Idea Generation 2.0:  Kari McNamara led a 3.5 day creative session with a highly diverse group of internal experts – finance, legal, consumer insights, technology and  product development to create dramatic and significantly better card benefits that would generate demand for it.


Objective Met: Created their most elite card – the Centurion Card. The incredible and exclusive benefits have driven demand creating a waitlist for a charge card that has a $7500 initiation fee and $2500 annual cost.