The i2Ge Advantage

Dramatically Better Innovation Results In 90 Days or Less. Guaranteed!

Innovate2Grow Experts is the ONLY Consultancy Using the Eight Most Proven and Practical Best Practices To Consistently Double Innovation Success Rates!


Today’s competitive landscape requires multidimensional innovation that provides enough HIGHLY MEANINGFUL BENEFITS that add up to DRAMATICALLY BETTER solutions. That’s what it takes to drive potential customers to switch from their current solutions and say "WOW, where can I buy that!"

For more than 20 years Innovate2Grow Experts has been helping companies achieve the "Dramatic Difference".  Using the time-tested and proven Best Practices, we harness the creativity and expertise of client teams, external world-class relevant domain experts and the professional innovators of Innovate2Grow Experts. 

The Result - The highest quality & quantity of concepts that are dramatically better than the competition, all in 60-90 days, GUARANTEED!




Research & Prepare Powerful Customer Insights That Inspire Big Ideas

 Agree On a Challenging  Objective for Ideas That Are DRAMATICALLY BETTER

Create & Compile Informative and Inspiring Stimulus

Vet and Recruit World Class Experts

Highly Effective and Fear-Free Powerful Idea Sessions

Quantum Idea Generation 2.0 creative sessions are at the heart of our success.

This is the world's most powerful and proven idea generation method. Proven by 2 separate Oklahoma State studies, at a minimum it consistently delivers 12 – 20 X more and better ideas than brainstorming could ever deliver!

DIVERSITY is at the heart of Quantum Idea Generation 2.0's power. This is where your internal experts get to work side-by-side with world-class external domain experts and the professional innovators at Innovate2Grow Experts to stimulate richer and more meaningful solutions with the greatest value of benefits using the following tools:

  1. 10 Types of Innovation
  2. 30 Dimensions of Value
  3. Blue Ocean Strategy

When you have the right people using the right tools,  you will create solutions with major multiple benefits that add up to being dramatically better than your competition!


Prepare and Deliver Professional Concept Writing That Optimizes "Ideas’ Potential

Prepare and Deliver Merwyn Truth Teller Quantitative Research on Overall Chances for Success & Year One Sales Estimates

Prepare and Report On The Recommended Action Plan