30 Dimensions of Value

Doubling Innovation Success Chances Helped By Adding Significant Value to Your Innovative Products.

Customers ultimately buy value – the combination of the benefits they receive and the price they pay.

Extensive, high quality research by the Harvard Business Review identified 30 Dimensions of Value that are very important to customers. When you creatively and innovatively add value to your innovative products, you create competitive advantages that can dramatically increase your chances for innovation success.

Our unique Quantum Idea Generation 2.0 process generates the high quantity and quality of ideas necessary to ensure you optimize the business building power of the dimensions of value. This powerful process engages internal and external expertise in a collaborative co-creation. This process creates a package of highly meaningful consumer benefits capable of doubling your renovation success rate in creating sustainable competitive advantages. For evidence of its power, take a look at the added value Amazon has consistently built into its Amazon Prime program.

Consumers always buy value. Learn how added value can become your competitive advantage.

We expertly customize 30 Dimensions of Value to your unique business, challenges, and opportunities. When you add layer upon layer of added value to an innovation, you create multiple benefits that add up to being dramatically better than the competition. Just as Amazon followed this strategy with their Prime program to create a mega competitive advantage versus everyone including Walmart, you can do the same on your innovation projects. This is a surefire way to achieve DRAMATICALLY BETTER INNOVATION RESULTS IN 90 DAYS.

  • 14 elements of Functional value: saves time, simplifies, makes money, reduces risk, organizes, connects, reduces effort, avoids hassles, reduces cost, quality, variety, sensory appeal, informs.
  • 10 elements of emotional value: reduces anxiety, rewards me, nostalgia, design/aesthetics, badge value, wellness, therapeutic value, fun/entertainment, attractiveness, provides access.
  • Five life-changing elements: provides hope, self-actualization, motivation, heirloom, affiliation/belonging.
  • Self transcendence: this is the overcoming of the limits of the individual self and its desires in spiritual contemplation and realization.  As we evolve, this is becoming more and more important to significant groups of people.

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