P15 Let Uncle Money Bags Fund Creativity.

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  • This podcast continues a series with one of the most innovative people in America today – Kari McNamara. In this series of interviews with her, we explore some five very intriguing idea generating exercises. This interview explores a creativity exercise she calls uncle money bags. In the second series we dive into some actual case studies with well-known companies where she has been the key external leader.
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  • As background, Kari McNamara has led well over 100 inventing sessions, many of which led to the introduction of products that sold more than $100 million in their first year. In the series on quantum idea generation, talked a lot about how the process with its core elements generates at least 12 times more ideas than range. In this series of podcasts, Kari shares with us some of her favorite specific idea generating exercises that work within quantum idea generation.
  • She absolutely knows how to generate a high level of quality creative and innovative ideas from virtually any group. This is another in a short series on creative idea exercises that can really help you today.
  • So let’s get into our interview with Kari about an idea generating exercise she calls “uncle money bags.”

Uncle Money Bags

  • What would you do if you had $100,000,000? Many people constrain their thinking based on the resources they currently have.
  • This encourages them to think about what they would do in an ideal situation – where money was no object – and then work backwards from there.
  • Seems simple on the surface, but this usually works really well. People often discover they can do a lot more than they think.


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  • Please make sure to listen to the next podcast that continues our series on proven idea generating exercises. Kari shares an exercise that she calls break the laws. It’s amazing the ideas you can generate when you take off all the constraints and have the freedom to go just about anywhere with your idea generating.
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