P13 The Grab Bag Approach to Creativity.

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  • This podcast begins this podcast begins a series with one of the most innovative people in America today – Kari McNamara. In this series of interviews with her, we explore some five very intriguing idea generating exercises. This first interview explores a creativity exercise she calls grab bag. In the second series we dive into some actual case studies with well-known companies where she has been the key external leader.
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  • As background, Kari McNamara graduated with a mechanical and electrical engineering degree. Soon after graduation she joined Doug Hall at Eureka Ranch. Over more than 15 years she handled increasing levels of responsibility until her last seven years when she was the managing partner. During this period when Eureka Ranch was an important place that major companies hired to invent new products, she led well over 100 inventing sessions, many of which led to the introduction of products that sold more than $100 million in their first year.
  • In the series on quantum idea generation, talked a lot about how the process with its core elements generates at least 12 times more ideas than range. In this series of podcasts, Kari shares with us some of her favorite specific idea generating exercises that work within quantum idea generation.
  • So let’s get into our interview with Kari about an idea generating exercise she calls “grab bag.”

Grab Bag.

  • Go to the store with a set amount of money…wander the aisles purchasing anything that catches your eye until you hit your dollar limit. Try to buy at least 5 items.
  • Remove the items one at a time from the bag. Analyze each items – look at the good things, the bad things, the design elements, the copy (e.g. how they sell it) – break it down and look at all the part and pieces, taking notes as you go.
  • Step back and ask yourself how each element can help you solve your innovation challenge. How could it be applied to your problem/challenge…and what new solution does it lead you to?



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