Innovation Success Case Study

Gatorade: From Double Digit Declines to Double Digit Growth

Innovation played a major role in turning around the Gatorade business.

As you can read in the article from the current Fast Company magazine, innovation occurred on multiple dimensions but two of them especially caught my attention.

  1. Compelling Consumer Insight: Gatorade developed deep understandings of its core or heavy user base. They then decided to innovate around the very unique needs of their heavy user base, recognizing that meeting their needs would also have much broader appeal. That innovation produced a very different looking Gatorade product lineup.
  2. Systems Thinking: Innovation led Gatorade to a systems solution. No longer was there one core formulation sold in a variety of flavors and sizes. There were now different formulations in very distinctive packaging. There was a separate rationale for each product and how they related to each other in a sports and exercise environment.

This is exactly the kind of thinking Innovate2Grow Experts/i2Ge brings to the innovation process. i2Ge looks broadly and deeply looking for nuggets of knowledge that can unlock truly big innovation ideas. i2Ge recognizes that innovative systems thinking can be appropriate in many categories, like the iPod system of hardware, software, and iTunes.

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