12X More Ideas: Reduce Fear+Left Right Brain Creativity

Nothing stifles creativity like fear of sounding weird or like a wacko. Learn how to reduce the year and tremendously increase creativity when you do so.  When you do this you get ideas capable of increasing revenues for several years.

To get the really big ideas requires the courage and space to start at outrageous and not be judged negatively for it.

The opposite of fear in a creative environment is having fun. Eliminate fear and nurture fun and creativity can be off the charts.

It is a myth that you were born creative or not. Many studies have proven that left and right brain oriented folks are equally creative. Having said that, left and right brain people like to create in very different ways. Learn how to create highly successful left and right brain idea generation exercises and put this to work today in your business.

When you tailor creative generation exercises to the makeup of your creative group (left and/or right brain), you optimize creativity.