12X More Ideas: Reduce Fear+Left Right Brain Creativity

Nothing stifles creativity like fear of sounding weird or like a wacko. Learn how to reduce the year and tremendously increase creativity when you do so.  When you do this you get ideas capable of increasing revenues for several years.

To get the really big ideas requires the courage and space to start at outrageous and not be judged negatively for it.

The opposite of fear in a creative environment is having fun. Eliminate fear and nurture fun and creativity can be off the charts.

It is a myth that you were born creative or not. Many studies have proven that left and right brain oriented folks are equally creative. Having said that, left and right brain people like to create in very different ways. Learn how to create highly successful left and right brain idea generation exercises and put this to work today in your business.

When you tailor creative generation exercises to the makeup of your creative group (left and/or right brain), you optimize creativity.

12X More Ideas: Stimulus Inspires Big Ideas

You will be amazed at how stimulus confirm adequate increase the number and quality of ideas you are able to achieve. Even simple stimulus can double or triple the number of ideas that a group produces.  And these are ideas capable of increasing revenue and profits for years.

This video shares with you the principles of highly successful stimulus for the creative process. It also provide you some downloadable stimulus you can use today.

When done right, provocative stimulus inspires breakthrough thinking. You also learn how to tailor stimulus to the project you are working on and the people who are in your room to create ideas.

All of this is proven, practical advice that you can start using today to create more and bigger ideas than you have ever thought possible with brainstorming.

12X More Ideas With Diverse Expertise in the the Creative Process

When you bring the right diversity of people into a creative session, you virtually assure yourself of producing multiple breakthrough ideas.
These are breakthrough ideas that have the capability of producing long-term revenue growth.

You can use a diverse group from within your company in a creative session… people from different functions and levels of experience .
The most powerful diversity is when you work collaboratively with relevant external expertise. These people are not constrained by your internal culture about what you can and cannot do. Internal and external diversity consistently produces more bigger ideas than you can ever produce with internal diversity alone.

Diversity ensures that you look at a creative need from multiple perspectives and with a depth of expertise necessary to achieve innovation success.
This is advice that you can start using today to make your creative sessions dramatically more productive and successful.