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Get Customers To Make The Switch!

Getting customers to switch from their current products or services is VERY difficult and often underestimated by innovators. It requires multidimensional innovation that delivers enough HIGHLY MEANINGFUL BENEFITS and add up to being DRAMATICALLY BETTER than all the competition!

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Dramatically Better Innovation Results
in 90 Days or Less

Our Team Has Led More Front End Innovation Projects (The Inventing Part of Innovation) Than Any Other Team in America......for 35+ Years

   "Strong innovators are more than twice as likely to use outsourcing to access the right capabilities."

Boston Consulting Group, 2018 Report, World's Most Innovative Companies

For at least the last 56 years 75% - 80% of innovations failed. Most failed 18 - 24 months after their introduction because sales and profits did not justify continuing to sell the product.

The primary reason innovations fail is they are not better enough than their direct/indirect competition to get competitive users to switch to the innovative product. Innovators consistently underestimate how very, very difficult it is to get competitive customers to switch. This is especially true for loyal core competitive users who often represent 80% of competitive volume.

Switching enough competitive users to succeed requires that innovations deliver HIGHLY MEANINGFUL BENEFITS that add up to being DRAMATICALLY BETTER than competitors.

Innovate2Grow Experts is the only innovation consultancy using the eight most proven innovation best practices. When used by our team of experts that have led more innovation projects than any other company in America in collaboration with your team, we consistently deliver DRAMATICALLY BETTER INNOVATION RESULTS IN 90 DAYS OR LESS. GUARANTEED.

A Few of the Ways We Can Help You Be Dramatically More Successful

1) Defensive. We can help you create the strongest, most powerful DEFENSIVE ideas for keeping your competitors away.

2) Growth Acceleration. We can help you define ideas that can grow your market share, your profits, your revenue...pick three important dimensions IN YOUR EXISTING SPACE. We can work the right areas and give them appropriate names Power Profits, or Profit Pump Up or Organic Growth Booster.

3) Expansion. We can help you add exponential growth to your bottom line by creating ideas that extend into new customer/market areas by moving deeper into verticals and adjacencies.

4) KnockoutWe become your biggest threat - working to define all the ways we would work to take you out of business and imagining all the ways your industry could transform over time. The output of this would feed into a What Business Are We In definition session followed by a RAP (rapid action planning) session. We plot against you and define all the ways we'd knock you out of business.

5) Disrupt For Big Wins: Help you to create innovative solutions that are Dramatically Better than your competition...building market share and profits.

WOWfactor - The Fortune 500 Innovation Assessment for Start-Ups

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What Clients Are Saying:

Your work has delivered over 30 new products that will become part of a new company division. These are some of the most promising new products we have ever seen. I have only one word to describe the work you have done for us – BRILLIANT.

Director of Innovation - International CPG Company

You delivered our challenging objective in a half-day creative session where two previous innovation consulting companies failed.

International CPG Company

What you discovered has opened up major doors to new opportunities.

Director of R&D - CPG Company

This is exciting! These insights make a world of difference in what we can do.

VP Marketing - CPG Company

Who knew that someone new to my business might quickly understand my business even better than I thought I did.

Owner, B2B Company

The insights you discovered unlocked the biggest innovation opportunity we have had in over a decade.

VP Marketing - CPG Company

I was skeptical that you could deliver this many really big ideas. Now I am a believer.

Director of Innovation - West Coast CPG company.

We needed to fill our five year innovation pipeline. Your work created what is probably a 10 year innovation pipeline with bigger innovation possibilities than we have ever had in our history. (The first brand introduced from the work became the biggest new brand in the history of the company.)

Division President - CPG

Mike Keown

In a world where disruption can quickly wipe out even a world-class company, successful innovation is a necessity. Richard and his team at Innovate2Grow Experts bring a unique blend of passion, creativity, the experience of running successful businesses --and wrap it in a proven process that works.
Mike KeownPresident and CEO, Farmer Brothers - Former President, WhiteWave Division

Richard Nicolosi

I have had the privilege of working with Richard for the past 30 years. Simply put he gets things done successfully and consistently. Most notable is his highly successful approach in bringing to fruition big, out of the box creative approaches which achieve enormous success. Over the years he has incepted and refined eight innovative best practices which consistently yield highly successful outcomes. These approaches have been notably successful in the creation of successful new products complete with their marketplace and consumer positioning. I have seen and admired the way he generates a large quantity of quality ideas in support of many notable brands. Simply put he can be your meaningful competitive edge.
Richard NicolosiFormer Senior Procter & Gamble Executive - Former President and CEO, Samsonite

Innovate2Grow Experts Is the Only Innovation Consulting Company in the World Using.......

The Eight Most Proven Innovation Best Practices

Proven Exploration Tools

10 Types of Innovation

Research clearly shows that using multiple types of innovation on an innovative product, increases innovation success chances and financial returns--the iPhone used five types of innovation. Bottom Line: this helps us to consistently deliver Dramatically Better Innovation Results.


30 Dimensions of Value

Rock solid research identifies the functional and emotional values people want the most. Adding value to an innovation dramatically increases success chances--Amazon created a super dramatically better than competition innovation when it added over 10 added values to its Prime program that started with free two-day shipping. Bottom Line: this helps us to consistently deliver Dramatically Better Innovation Results.


Blue Ocean Strategy

Specific proven methodologies create breakthrough products and new categories. This is just what Cirque du Soleil and NetJets did when they created an entirely new entertainment and transportation categories.  Bottom Line: this helps us to consistently deliver Dramatically Better Innovation Results.


World’s Most Powerful Idea Creation Tools

Quantum Idea Generation 2.0

At the heart of Quantum Idea Generation 2.0’s power is a powerful collaborative process that leverages World Class Diversity delivering ideas you will not get from brainstorming. A wise person said, “It is very, very difficult to get out-of-the-box thinking from people who live in the box.” We bring into a creative session world class experts and top Professional Innovators from our team working collaboratively with your top experts. Version 1.0 consistently delivered 12x more ideas than brainstorming according to Oklahoma State University studies. 2.0 delivers a revolutionary quantity of quality ideas. Quantum Idea Generation 2.0 consistently delivers a quantity and quality of ideas you will NEVER get from brainstorming.  Bottom Line – Dramatically Better Innovation Results.



For the last four decades, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency innovation methodology has created more innovation breakthroughs than any enterprise in the world. We expertly utilize their creative principles to create Dramatically Better Innovation Results for you.


Idea Assessment Best Practices

Merwyn Technology

Acclaimed and relied on for decades, this accurate quantitative research delivers an idea's chances for success and a year one sales projection with an accuracy of  +/-  20%.  Bottom Line: this helps us to consistently deliver Dramatically Better Innovation Results.


Data Collection Best Practice

Artificial Intelligence

The most powerful and fastest method for learning global facts and trends that can inspire creativity and innovation. Bottom Line: this helps us to consistently deliver Dramatically Better Innovation Results.


Data Analysis Best Practice

IBM’s Watson Analytics

The proven and preferred power tool of choice when drilling deep into the business for breakthrough understandings capable of driving innovation success. Bottom Line: this helps us to consistently deliver Dramatically Better Innovation Results.


All in 90 Days or Less!

Watch this short video to learn how we can help you create dramatically better innovations in 90 days or less!

Guaranteed Results

Innovat2Grow Experts is the Only Innovation Consultancy Offering Guaranteed Results - No Fine Print! Our $100,000 unconditional money back guarantee is based on delivering specific results outlined in the proposal and verified by quantitative research conducted by an independent research company. 

Meet Our Expert Advisors

Richard Haasnoot

Richard Haasnoot

Head Coach and Master Inventor

Senior Leader and Executive of Sales & Marketing for Procter & Gamble for 16 years and Vice President of Marketing at the E&J Gallo Winery for 10 years. Professor and Teaching Executive in Residence at At Arizona State University School of Management for 6 years.

Kari McNamara

Kari McNamara

Master Inventor

Kari is one of America’s leading innovators. As the long time president of Eureka Ranch she facilitated the invention of 10+ $100M products.

Kip Knight

Kip Knight

Chief Marketing Officer

Kip is one of the most celebrated chief marketing officers and conducts an annual training program for top CMO’s.

Laurie Peterson

Laurie Peterson

Client Relations Expert

Laurie Peterson is a Consumer Products marketing and sales professional with over 15 years of experience with Fortune 100 companies. Most recently, she led a division of Shell Oil Company, increasing market share across multiple channels resulting in multi-million dollar sales growth 5 years in a row. Her strengths include product management & development; from ideation through product launch. She has strong experience in change management associated with rapid growth and emerging businesses. Laurie’s teams have won Vendor of the Year from Target, Wal-Mart and AutoZone. Laurie received her MBA from California Lutheran University and lives in California with her family.

Ryan Harrison

Ryan Harrison

Successful Inventor

Ryan is a graduate of the Harvard Business School. After CPG experience, he is now President of a leading recreational products company.

Lisa Lloyd

Lisa Lloyd

Innovation Expert

Award Winning Professional Inventor with extensive success licensing and commercializing new products as an independent inventor and consultant for mid-market companies.

Richard (Rich) Boone

Richard (Rich) Boone

Senior Expert Researcher

Rich served as Worldwide Director of Consumer Research for the E & J Gallo Winery until his retirement in October 2005. Prior to that, he was a researcher at Procter & Gamble. He has over 30 years as an experienced quantitative and qualitative researcher. Since that time, he has been engaged in multiple projects and longitudinal consulting roles for domestic and international clients – both within and beyond the wine industry. He also continues to be a featured speaker at wine industry events and blogs about wine for the Sacramento Bee. In addition to his strategic consulting roles, Rich is a principal in the Solomon Wine Company, a small winery with a focus on category innovations and new wine discoveries with grapes from the Sierra Foothills.


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