Double Your Innovation Success Rate

i2Ge is the Only Innovation Consultancy Using the Eight Most Proven Innovation Best Practices That Can Consistently DOUBLE Success Rates.

Personal Creativity

Foster Personal Creativity & Realize Dramatic Improvement in Your Innovation Success Rate!

Discover and Learn The Seven Personal Creative Skills Consistently Used by The World’s Most Creative People.

Innovative Culture

An Everyday Innovative Company Culture Inspires High Innovation Success.

The Unquestionable Benefits of an Innovative Company Culture

When there is a need to solve the problem and/or optimize an opportunity, innovation best practices in an innovative culture.

    1. Deliver many, many more high-quality idea solutions
    2. That have far greater chances for success the first time
    3. Producing a wide array of benefits. For example – greater efficiency and quality, improved customer relations, greatly improved policies and procedures, and increase sales and profits – to name a few.

Innovative Culture Training Process.

  1. All training programs are customized to the unique needs of a company.
  2. The training process includes the following steps.
    • Deep dive learning into your needs and priorities.
    • Conducting an initial one – two day training program on your one – three highest priority needs.
    • Follow-up consulting session at 30 days and 60 days after the initial training that includes all of the people in the initial training.
    • Unlimited follow-up coaching via telephone, email, and/or Skype

Innovative Research

Our Process

One day personal creativity small group training (10 – 20 people)

In this training we focus on understanding your environment and unique needs. We then tailor your training with our Best Practices formula to cultivate creative skill building that is real and relevant.

Innovative Culture