Merwyn Technology

Merwyn Technology: Dual-Purpose Technology To Identify and Craft Innovative Products Capable of Doubling Innovation Success.

  1. Evaluate Creative Session Innovative Concepts.
    • Quantitative research on the most promising ideas coming out of a creative session.
    • Predicts chances for success and year one sales estimate – great inputs for selecting which concepts to move forward with first.
  2. Create the Most Persuasive Message For Developed Concepts On a Path to the Marketplace—And for Existing Products.
    • Quickly develop and quantitatively test to determine the most persuasive message.
    • Testing multiple iterations quickly and cost efficiently.

Merwyn’s Three Evaluation Elements

  1. Clear Overt Benefit Communication: what’s in it for the customer
  2. Reason to Believe: why your benefit promise is credible.
  3. Dramatic Difference: how your benefit/s is better than some/most/all of the customers’ alternatives.

Merwyn Technology’s Concept Evaluation.

  1. Quantitative estimate of the chances of success (selling for five years). This same measure is used to evaluate the persuasiveness of a potential marketing message.
  2. Diagnostics on the strength of the three evaluation elements.
  3. Year one sales estimate.