Our experts worked with K-C to 1) develop a vision for a future new business, 2) develop the strategy that would bring the vision to life, 3) the product platforms/categories capable of delivering their goals, and 4) inventing the first group of 50+ major new products.

Delivering their goals for this very challenging project leveraged all of our core competencies…

  • Deep dive into all their existing research to identify new insights capable of delivering high sales revenue results.
  • Assembling powerful diversity that included non- K-C world class medical professionals who made numerous breakthrough contributions.
  • Utilizing our creative process that delivers 12X ore ideas than brainstorming…it enabled us to produce very high value from the outstanding talent assembled for a multi-day creative session.
  • Bottom Li
    ne: our experts delivered double digit ideas exceeding our guarantee level for very big ideas.
  • At this writing, many of these ideas are being readied for introduction into the marketplace.