American Express

American Express had been defining luxury financial services for more than 50 years.  The challenge they faced was simple – what’s the next premium?

We worked with them to up the ante…asking instead, what would allow us to add a zero to the right side of our fees?  What would be so great that consumers would pay at least DOUBLE what they pay for the best card
(Amex Platinum) today?

We worked with consumers intensively.  We studied the usage of all the existing Amex cards, both charge and credit.  We got their smartest people together with our experts.

The result – the Centurion Card from American Express.  The only card in the world consumers pay $2,500 per year per person to carry.  AND, there’s a waiting list of people who want one.

Now that’s a revenue stream that’s sure to keep American Express in the black for years to come.