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Double Your Innovation Success  ==> Consistent Year to Year Profit Growth……..We Are the Only Company With a Record of Doubling Innovation Success Using the EIGHT Most Proven Innovation Best Practices

Our team has invented and tested more than 10,000 ideas, with many successes currently in the marketplace. We’ve had a hand in creating more than $3B of net extra value for our clients using the most powerful and proven innovation best practices.

We have spent more than four decades mastering the art and science of innovation, both as internal senior business leaders (for example, Procter & Gamble and Gallo) and as consultants (for many Fortune 500 companies).  We are passionate about helping clients achieve their most important goals….and passion drives innovation success.

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If You Have Any of These Innovation Business Needs Then You Need the Eight Innovation Best Practices to Double Your Chances for Long Term Success

  1.  Create a new category of products.

  2.  Enter an existing category for the first time with your product

  3. Dramatically expand market share in an existing business and/or develop a “killer” response to an aggressive competitor.

  4. Fill your innovation portfolio for the next 3-5 years.

  5. Optimize a new technology and/or capability into a winning new product.

We Are the Only Innovation Company Skillfully Using These EIGHT Proven (for 10-40+ years) & Practical (for all B2C and B2B needs) Innovation Best Practices


  • 10 Types of Innovation Exploratory: We explore the 10 most proven types of innovation to identify multiple innovation possibilities that when used in the right combination consistently deliver breakthrough ideas with major competitive advantages.  This is a exceptionally proven methodology of creating sustainable and often major competitive advantages by building different types of innovation around a core concept. In a creative session, it’s a template for very high potential creative exploratories.  Of the 10 types, “product performance” is only one of the the 10—others include business model, channel, process innovation and six more types. Research clearly shows innovations using two types of innovation outperformed the S&P 500 by 30%, four types by 50%, and five or more types by a little over 200%. 
  • 30 Value Dimensions: This is another exceptionally well researched method for developing major competitive advantages by understanding the current value benefits a product delivers and then adding additional dimensions of value. The focal point is 14 elements of functional value (saves time, simplifies, etc) and 10 elements of emotional value (reduces anxiety, badge value, etc). Just think about what Amazon has done with their Prime program – started with two day free shipping and then added free movies and television programs, free music, free cloud photo storage and free audible books. Like the 10 types of innovation, this is a template to guide creative exploratories. The research supporting this approach is incredible and revealed in a quality Harvard Business Review article.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy UPDATED: Blue oceans define untapped market space, demand creation, and the opportunity for highly profitable growth. Some blue oceans are created well beyond existing industry boundaries. Major processes include value innovation (the cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy), strategy canvas, four actions framework, and the eliminate – reduce – raise – create grid.


  • Successful innovation Requires Many High-Quality Ideas: Quantum Idea Generation is the only highly proven process (in two Oklahoma State University studies) to consistently deliver at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming.
  • The Most Proven Innovation Process Used to Solve Many of the Country’s Most Challenging Needs:  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/DARPA uses the single most powerful and proven innovation process in the world.  It has made countless major breakthroughs from stealth aircraft to cyborgs to Navy drone ships… many Top Secret game changing innovations.  This includes utilizing Adaptive Innovation’s powerful best practices.  At the heart of their methods is a very sophisticated use of external diversity and defining and developing projects. These methods are very familiar to us.


  • Rigorous Technology Guides Idea Development and Evaluation: For decades Merwyn Technology has proven to be the new idea evaluation research of choice by many Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs.  Merwyn Technology quickly and accurately optimizes any idea’s chances for long-term success.  This plays a very important role in helping a clients first understand the elements of what it takes to have a high potential for success idea and then to conduct a quantitative evaluation of ideas to determine their chances for success and potential year one sales. This is faster, lower cost, and more accurate than most of the other alternatives.


  •  Artificial Intelligence/AI Capability quickly and consistently gathers the most relevant and powerful global insights and resources.


  • IBM’s Watson Analytics conducts a deep dive into the most complex business data to extract those few powerful insights that can drive successful innovation.

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