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As PROFESSIONAL INVENTORS who have invented thousands of products for clients, we have the skills, processes, and mindset necessary to invent the innovative products you need for consistent growth. To empower your greatness, we are the only innovation consultancy capable of helping to consistently DOUBLE your innovation success rate. We can do this because we are the only company using the eight most proven innovation best practices..

After we collaboratively invent many ideas with well above average chances for success, we help you select the best idea/s and start moving to the marketplace. Using highly proven quantitative research, we evaluate the ideas chances for success and how it can be improved – and we can add your one sales estimate with an accuracy of +/-20%.

Creativity is critical to innovation success. In creative sessions, we use Quantum Idea Generation 2.0 that consistently delivers at least TWELVE TIMES MORE ideas than brainstorming. With us, you will learn how to be dramatically more personally creative. You develop the seven skills the world’s most creative people consistently use.

The space is too short to mention all of the innovation resources we have to assist you with any of your innovation needs. These resources are led by the eight most proven innovation best practices - 10 Types of Innovation, 30 Dimensions of Value, Blues and Strategy, Quantum Idea Generation, DARPA, Merwyn Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and IBM Watson Analytics. Here are a few more...Integrative Innovation. World-Class Customer Researcher. Innovation Best Practices Podcast (200+ episodes, listeners in 104 countries), DIY Innovation Training, and 10 More.

Why Innovation Fails and How to Stop the Madness!

The i2Ge Dramatic Difference

As Professional Inventors, The Innovate2Grow Experts team has thousands of inventions to its credit. Successful inventions require switching competitive users to the innovative product. If the invention is not dramatically better than competitors, chances for success are less than 25%. Only Innovate2Grow Experts focuses exclusively on doubling your innovation success rate. We are also the only Professional Inventors using the eight most proven innovation best practices that can deliver highly innovative products with twice the chances of success. The innovation best practices include three very powerful and proven exploration tools – 10 Types of Innovation, 30 Dimensions of Value, and Blue Ocean Strategy. There are also two of the world’s most powerful idea generating tools – Quantum Idea Generation 2.0 and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA. In addition, we use Merwyn Technology ( to provide a quantitative research assessment on the most promising innovations coming out of the creative session. We complete this package of innovation best practices with Artificial Intelligence and IBM Watson Analytics.

Our Proven Process

Proven inventing process: Transforming Thinking with processes like the 10 Types of Innovation, 30 Dimensions of Value, and Blue Ocean Strategy.

Proven and powerful idea generation capability: Quantum Idea Generation 2.0 – consistently at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming.

Proven Inventors: Unparalleled business success in some of the most challenging and respected companies as senior leaders; highly skilled and passionate about invention and innovation – have a great resume of major inventing successes, including several $100 million a year on sales products.

Case Studies

Expert Advisors

Richard Haasnoot

Richard Haasnoot

Head Coach and Master Inventor

Senior Leader and Executive of Sales & Marketing for Procter & Gamble for 16 years and Vice President of Marketing at the E&J Gallo Winery for 10 years. Professor and Teaching Executive in Residence at At Arizona State University School of Management for 6 years.

Kari McNamara

Kari McNamara

Master Inventor

Kari is one of America’s leading innovators. As the long time president of Eureka Ranch she facilitated the invention of 10+ $100M products.

Lisa Lloyd

Lisa Lloyd

Innovation Expert

Award Winning Professional Inventor with extensive success licensing and commercializing new products as an independent inventor and consultant for mid-market companies.

Ryan Harrison

Ryan Harrison

Successful Inventor

Ryan is a graduate of the Harvard Business School. After CPG experience, he is now President of a leading recreational products company.